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Are you looking for some outdoor fun?  Play BINGO with us!  Use #englewoodcoparks on social media for a chance to win some special prizes!

How to Play:

  1. Print or digitally save a Parks BINGO card found below.
  2. Try one of the activities on the BINGO card  . . . .  when you do, take a picture and tag us on social media using #englewoodcoparks.
  3. Get BINGO by completing five (5) activities in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally), take a picture of the completed BINGO card and tag us on social media using #englewoodcoparks.  Once completed, you will be entered to win great prizes.  Prizes include passes to Pirates Cove, Broken Tee Golf Course, Englewood Recreation Center and many more!
  4. Try it again with friends, family and neighbors.  Have a great time exploring Englewood parks!

BINGO Card 1 of 5 (pdf)
BINGO Card 2 of 5 (pdf)
BINGO Card 3 of 5 (pdf)
BINGO Card 4 of 5 (pdf)
BINGO Card 5 of 5 (pdf)