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FAQ - Streets, Signals, and Parking

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Questions regarding streets, traffic signals, and parking restrictions:

Why doesn't the City use left turn signals at all intersections along Broadway and Hampden?
Answer:  The City's Traffic Division uses the Federal Highway Administration's guidelines for left-turn phasing. These guidelines use vehicle volumes, traffic delays, and accident history to determine appropriate locations for left turn signals.
Why aren't speed bumps installed to deter speeding?

Answer:  Tests of speed bumps raise questions about their safety and their effectiveness:
- Speed bumps create a potential hazard to all vehicles, and an immediate danger to bicyclists, motorcyclists, and emergency vehicles.
- Drivers often start using alternate routes to avoid speed bumps, which increases traffic volumes on adjacent streets.
- Speed bumps impede storm drainage capacity.

What are the parking restrictions in Englewood?
Answer:  The parking restrictions are dictated by the Colorado Uniform Vehicle Code.
Who is responsible for the timing of traffic signals on Hampden Avenue (US 285)?

Answer:  Even though Hampden is a state highway, the City of Englewood's Traffic Engineering Division (303-762-2500) maintains the signal timing on Hampden through Englewood.

Why aren't residential streets posted for 25 mph speed limit?
Answer:  The Uniform Traffic Code stipulates that the safe and prudent speed for residential areas is 30 miles per hour. 
Which streets are plowed after a snow storm?
Answer:  The City plows primary grid streets first, followed by secondary grid streets. See the Snow Removal page for a map and further details.
Why aren't paving projects done at night?
Answer:  Nighttime paving operations need special lighting requiring the use of generators. The generators exceed Englewood's noise ordinance. In addition, it is difficult to arrange for asphalt delivery during evening hours.
Who is responsible for maintaining street lights in Englewood?
Answer:  Xcel Energy. To report a street light in disrepair, call 1-800-895-4999.

Visit the Public Works section of our Web site for additional information on these and other street and traffic-related topics.

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