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Frequently Asked Questions:  Sales & Use Tax, Business Licensing

Sales Tax & Business License Regulations
What section of Englewood's Municipal Code pertains to Sales and Use Tax?



What section of Englewood’s Municipal Code pertains to Business and License Regulations?



Sales Tax Returns
I am not sure how to fill out the Sales Tax Return; what do I do?


  • The City offers at no charge monthly Sales Tax Seminars to answer general and specific sales and use tax questions. These seminars are held in the Perrin room of the City of Englewood Public Library. Sales Tax Seminar Schedule
  • Please review the Sales and Use Tax Guide on our website.
  • Please contact the Licensing office at 303-762-2422 or by email.
Business Licenses & Registration
How do I find out if my Business needs a separate Business License in addition to a Sales Tax License?
Answer: The City requires a separate Business License for a variety of businesses; please visit the following link to obtain a list of businesses requiring additional licensing:  https://www.municode.com/library/co/englewood/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT5BULIRE

I have a new business located in Englewood; do I need to register with your city?

Answer 1:  If your business is engaged in retail sales, yes, you will need a Sales Tax license.
Answer 2:  If your business is a service only business, you may still be liable for Use Tax. The City imposes a Use Tax when several conditions are met, so you may obtain a Use Tax license to report this tax. Please see the following documents for details:

We are a not-for-profit business that has retail sales in your City, (A) Do we need a license? (B) Do we need a license if we locate in your City?
Answer A:  A Sales Tax License is required. The not-for-profit business is liable for the collection and submission of the tax paid by the customer purchasing the product provided by the not-for-profit business.
Answer B:  If the not-for-profit business locates in the City and engages in retail sales, a Sales and Use Tax license is required. Please review the Sales and Use Tax License Application (PDF file)
ZIP CODES:  Englewood City Limits v. Mailing Address
Is my business located in the City of Englewood, if the postal city indicates “Englewood”?

Answer:  Postal zip codes 80110 (west of Broadway) and 80113 (from Broadway east) are within the city limits or jurisdiction of the City of Englewood. The 80110 zip code is shared with the City of Sheridan and the 80113 zip code is shared with the City of Cherry Hills Village.

Englewood mailing addresses with 80111 or 80112 Zip Codes are not within the city limits or jurisdiction of the City of Englewood. The following link is to the zip code section of the Sales and Use Tax web page: www.englewoodgov.org/Index.aspx?page=1029

If you are unsure: You can search the Colorado State Sales Tax Address locator, which lists jurisdiction information for specific property addresses. The service is free of charge - all you need to do is register to use it.

Sales & Delivery in Englewood
I am not physically located in Englewood, yet I make deliveries into your City, do I need to register with your City?

Answer:  Yes you will need a sales tax license; sales tax is collected at point of delivery.

Property Taxes
May I speak with someone about my property tax?
Answer:  For general property tax questions, please call the Arapahoe County Assessor’s office at 303-795-4600. The City of Englewood is authorized to assess a 5.880 property tax mill levy to help fund the City’s programs and services provided from the General Fund. In 2001, the voters approved a dedicated property tax mill levy to fund the debt service for the General Obligation Debt incurred for the construction of Pirates Cove and the improvements to the Englewood Recreation Center and Malley Senior Recreation Center. The General Obligation Bond debt service mill levy assessed per year varies and is dependent upon the required debt service payment. The debt service mill levy charged in 2011 for collection in 2012 was 1.741.
General Sales Tax & Licensing Questions
I want to solicit my product and/or service Door to Door in Englewood; what do I need?
Answer:  In addition to a Sales Tax License, you will need a Direct Seller’s License and a City issued I.D. Card. You can download applications for both from our Business Licenses page.

I am not selling anything, yet I want to post advertisement in the neighborhoods; what do I need?
Answer:  If you have no contact with the public and are only providing informational flyers/leaflet/handbills, no business license is required. Your advertising/marketing information must be affixed, i.e., taped or rubber banded, no placement on or in the following sites: mail boxes, parking lots, automobile windshields, or at locations where NO SOLICITING is posted, not in mail boxes, parking lots, or automobile windshields. See details in Englewood Municipal Code.

I want to be a vendor at an event held within the City of Englewood; what do I need?
Answer:  You will need a Special Event License. (Craft Fairs, 4th of July, Holiday Bazaar, Sounds of Summer, etc.) Download the application from our Business Licenses page.
Questions about Specific Services or Products
I am a Food or Novelty Vendor and I want to have a booth at the 4th of July Festival. Do I need a license?
Answer:  For specific registration requirements, please email our Licensing office. The 4th of July Special Event license is available on our Business Licenses page.

Can I sell food from a vending cart on the street corner?
Answer:  Please contact Community Development at 303-762-2342 for information on zoning restrictions. A Food Vendors license is required, as well as a Sales Tax License; please contact the Licensing office at 303-762-2422.

I want to open a Gold Buying business; what do I need?
Answer 1:  To purchase valuable articles within the City, you must first obtain a Purchaser of Valuable Articles License. Purchaser of Valuable Articles License: https://www.municode.com/library/co/englewood/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT5BULIRE_CH23PUVAAR
Answer 2:  If you will be selling tangible items, you will also need a Sales Tax License. Sales and Use Tax License Application: https://www.municode.com/library/co/englewood/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT4MUFITA_CH4SAUSTA_4-4-4-4LIRERE

Applications for both can be downloaded from our Business Licenses page.

I am a Massage Therapist; does the City require me to have a Massage Therapy License?
Answer:  No, the City does not issue a Massage Therapy License. The State of Colorado regulates Massage Therapists. However, if you are selling tangible items, a Sales Tax License is required.

I am a Reflexologist; does the City require me to have a License?

Answer:  Yes, anyone offering the service of Reflexology must obtain a Reflexology License from the City. Please download a Reflexologist License application from our Business Licenses page.

Reflexology License Application: https://www.municode.com/library/co/englewood/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT5BULIRE_CH8RE

I would like to offer Arborist services in your City, do I need a License?
Answer:  Yes, you will need an Arborist License issued by the City. Applications are available on our Business Licenses page.

I want to have a garage sale, do I need to collect Sales Tax?
Answer:  No; Sales Tax is not collected. No person may conduct more than two (2) garage sales in any calendar year at the same location. Each garage sale shall last no more than three (3) consecutive days. (Englewood Municipal Code: 15-16-2).

Can I sell homemade jellies and baked goods at the local craft fair?
Answer:  Please contact the Tri County Health Department at 720-200-1563. The Health Department has stipulations and regulations you must follow. As part of the Special Event Application, you need to provide the City with a Tri County Health Certificate. Please download the Special Event Application from our Business Licenses page.

Why do I have to collect Sales Tax on items I am selling at the local craft fair?
Answer:  You are selling tangible items to the public. Sales of tangible items in the City of Englewood are subject to the 7.75% tax rate of which includes the City’s rate of 3.5%. For more details, please refer to the Sales Tax Guide on our Sales and Use Tax page.

If you have a question that isn't answered in this section, feel free to e-mail the Webmaster for a response.