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Water Meter Conversion

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If you are a Flat Rate Customer, switching to a meter may save you money. The flat rate roughly equates to the amount of water a family of 4½ people might use.  The flat rate charge is based on factors such as square footage of your lot and house, number of rooms and bathrooms, the number and type of water using fixtures, etc. Being on a flat rate means you pay the same amount regardless of your conservation efforts or the number of individuals living within the home.

The Englewood Municipal Code includes a requirement for all flat-rate customers to install approved water meters when they sell or transfer their property.  The Code states:   “All owners of property having unmetered water service shall be required to install approved water meter within ninety (90) days after the sale or transfer of the property or change in property use from residential to commercial or industrial. Whenever a meter is to be installed, it shall be supplied by the Englewood Utilities Department at the owners cost.”

The cost to convert your property from a flat rate to a metered account depends on how the water enters your home. The estimated cost is $162.00 for a pit meter where a home has an existing water meter pit.  Where the water meter can be installed in a basement or tall enough crawl space the cost of the meter and yoke is $251.00.  If you can install the yoke yourself (they don't require any soldering) you can save the price of a plumber. Where the Water Department needs to install a meter pit the cost is $382.00. 

The Utilities Department offers a Meter Assistance Program that may help make it easier for residents to convert to a meter.

Contact the Utilities Department at 303-762-2635 if you want to switch your home to a metered account. An inspection at the property site will be needed to determine the most cost-effective way to convert your home to a metered account. There is no cost for the inspection but someone must meet a Utilities representative at the property.

Inspection and Installation Hours:

  • Monday through Thursday • 9 am to 4 pm
  • Friday • 9 to 11 am

NOTE: Once you convert to a metered account you may not switch back to the flat rate.