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A Tour through Englewood's Water Treatment Process

Have you ever wondered where your water comes from and how it gets to your home or business? This photo tour provides a general overview of the water treatment process in Englewood.

Water Supply Sources:
The water in Englewood's system comes primarily from the South Platte River.
Union Avenue Pump Station The Union Avenue Pump Station delivers raw water from the South Platte River to the Allen Water Filter Plant, where it will be treated.
McLellan Pump Station (inside) The McLellan Pump Station moves water from Chatfield Reservoir to McLellan Reservoir, Englewood's water storage facility in the south metro area.  This water is delivered via the City Ditch to the Allen Water Filter Plant.
McLellan Reservoir McLellan Reservoir serves as a water storage facility for Englewood.
Purification Process
Once the raw water has entered the system, it is treated at the Allen Water Filter Plant.
Allen Water Filter Plant The Allen Water Filter Plant is a conventional treatment facility capable of producing 28 million gallons per day of finished water.
Allen Plant Plate Settlers The Pretreatment Building is where the first phase of treatment is performed.  The pretreatment process prepares the raw water for filtration.
Allen Plant Filter Gallery The Filter Gallery consists of six Granular Activated Carbon filters to improve the taste and odor of the finished water.
Allen Plant Sludge Pond

The Sludge Pond provides storage for process wastes, called sludge, generated during the treatment process.

Dewatering Operation/Belt Press The De-watering Facility is part of the sludge processing operation that prepares sludge for disposal. 
Once the raw water has been treated and tested to ensure it meets all water quality standards, it is pumped into the distribution system for delivery to Englewood's homes and businesses. 
Allen Plant Pump Room The Allen Plant Pump Room pumps finished water into the distribution system.