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Fire Hydrant Use Regulations

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From time to time a connection to an Englewood fire hydrant is needed for a variety of construction-related activities. When such a connection is desired, the following regulations must be followed:

  • Connections to fire hydrants in the City of Englewood require a permit that will be issued by the Utilities Department.
  • The fire hydrant to be used must be selected from a list of designated hydrants. The applicant may also submit a request to use a specific hydrant. The Utilities Department will review the request and decide if the hydrant is ok to use.
  • A pre-use and post use inspection of the fire hydrant will be performed by a Utilities Department technician to determine the condition of the hydrant and assess any damage that may have occurred during use.
  • The customer can obtain a fire hydrant permit from the Utilities Department by submitting a check for $1,000 for an annual permit and a separate, refundable damage deposit check for $1,000.00. If a tank wagon or truck of less than 1,500 gallons capacity is used, the permit fee is $250 for an annual hydrant permit. Temporary day use permits are also available at $100 per day or $25 a day if the customer is using a 3/4" meter attached to the hydrant. 
  • The customer shall provide the following required equipment:
    • A 3" fire hydrant meter
    • 3/4" adapter if needed
    • Backflow prevention assembly or adequate air gap
    • Flow adjusting valve
    • A fire hydrant wrench
  • The Utilities Department has a limited number of hydrant meters and they are available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The customer will be issued a fire hydrant permit sign that MUST be placed on the fire hydrant while drawing water. The sign must be returned to the Utilities Department upon termination of use or a $50 fee will be deducted from the damage deposit check.
  • Water use is charged at $3.50 per thousand gallons and shall be billed separately after the final meter usage is read. The minimum charge for water use from a hydrant is based on 10,000 gallons at $3.50 per thousand gallons.
  • If the hydrant user does not meet any one of the above requirements, the fire hydrant permit shall be rendered invalid. In addition, the Englewood Code Enforcement Division may issue a summons to appear in Municipal Court for violation of the City Ordinance.