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Traffic Guidelines

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The City of Englewood follows the Model Traffic Code for Colorado Municipalities.  The Code requires us to follow the national guidelines outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  Traffic control devices include signal lights, traffic signs, and street markings.  The Manual covers all aspects of placement, construction and maintenance of every form of approved traffic control.

There are five basic requirements for all devices, including crosswalks:

  • Fulfill a need
  • Command attention
  • Convey a clear, simple meaning
  • Command respect of road users
  • Give adequate time for proper response

The Manual emphasizes "uniformity" of traffic control devices.  All traffic control devices must conform with regard to dimensions, shape, color, wording, and graphics.  The standard device should have the same meaning at all times.  Consistent use of traffic control devices protects the clarity of their messages.  Uniformity must also mean treating similar situations in the same way.