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Stop Signs

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Public understanding of the function of stop signs and traffic signals is one of the most critical elements in reducing traffic accidents.  The following information explains our policies with regard to intersection traffic controls, and the correct use of stop signs and traffic signals.

Speed Control

Each year, the City of Englewood receives many requests to install stop signs or traffic signals to reduce speeding.  However, studies show that such installations are not effective in reducing speeding violations.  The purpose of stop signs and traffic signals is to assign right-of-way at an intersection.

Installation Policies

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices is the national standard that dictates the size, shape, and color of all traffic signs.  This manual provides guidelines for installing signs and traffic signals, creating uniformity from state to state.

The City of Englewood is required by state law to comply with the guidelines of the Manual.

Stop signs are installed at an intersection after an engineering evaluation of existing conditions indicates sign installation is appropriate.  Overuse of stop signs reduces their effectiveness.  If stop signs are installed where they aren't justified, drivers tend to ignore the signs or speed up between stop sign-controlled intersections.