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Avoiding parking tickets

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Parking regulations

Many common parking regulations are set forth in the Uniform Vehicle Code and are outlined in driver's license manuals.  These common regulations (called statutory prohibitions) do not require posting of signs in order to be enforced.

Avoiding parking tickets

The following list of parking restrictions are the violations Englewood's Traffic Enforcement Bureau most often encounters.  Following these regulations can help you avoid parking tickets in Englewood.

It is illegal to park:
  • within 30' of a traffic control device (including traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, or any other sign that controls the flow of traffic).
  • within 20' of any corner crosswalk or at any location where a crosswalk is marked with white lines.  A crosswalk is assumed to exist, even if not painted, as the extension of the sidewalk across the street.
  • within 15' of a fire hydrant.
  • within 5' of a driveway.
  • within 2' of another vehicle.
  • so as to block access to any alley or right-of-way within an alley.
  • on a sidewalk.  Vehicles must be within 12" of and parallel to the curb.  Vehicles must not overhang the sidewalk in any way.
  • within special "Permit Only" zones without a city-issued special permit.
  • a vehicle unattended with the engine running.
  • longer than permitted by special "timed parking" signs (i.e. 2 hour parking, 4 hour parking, or other stated times).
  • within other posted areas, such as Fire Lanes, Loading Zones, or Handicapped Only spaces.
  • within the right-of-way for the purpose of advertising.  This includes "For Sale" signs on your vehicle, as well as special signs on your vehicle advertising yard sales, business sales, or other events.
  • the wrong direction on a street.
  • a recreational vehicle at any time other than when being expeditiously loaded or unloaded.
  • a semi-truck and trailer on the street that is not in the process of loading or unloading.
  • an unattached trailer on the street.
  • so as to obstruct the movement of traffic.
  • without a valid license plate.
  • on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the curb (double-parking).
Residential Permit Parking

Parking permit programs are in place in certain residential areas in Englewood: in the vicinity of Englewood High School, Swedish Medical Center, and in the Cushing Park neighborhood near the Englewood light rail station.  Residential permit regulations limit or prevent non-resident parking in residential areas.  Residents living in the area can get a parking permit so they are exempt from the restrictions.