Concrete Utility

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                         To request maintenance work in the public right-of-way,
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According to the Englewood Municipal Code, maintenance (repairs) of the curb, gutter, and sidewalk along a public street is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.  In 1997, Englewood implemented the Concrete Utility program to assist the owner in making these needed repairs.  Approximately 94% of all eligible property owners participate in the program.  And the City itself also participates, to repair concrete at street corners, crosspans, and catch basins, as well as the concrete adjacent to city-owned property.

2018 contract work has been completed.  Staff is currently preparing quantities, specifications, and contract documents for the 2019 season.  Work is expected to commence in late spring or early summer.

If you have questions about the Concrete Utility, or would like to have concrete considered for the 2019 Program, please contact the Concrete Utility Hotline at 303-762-2360 or by submitting a service request.