Public Works

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                         To request maintenance work in the public right-of-way,
please submit a service request.


Englewood Civic Center
1000 Englewood Parkway  3rd Floor
Englewood, CO  80110
E-mail: Public Works

The Department of Public Works constructs, repairs, and maintains the infrastructure of the City, including streets, alleys, surface drainage, traffic systems, traffic markings and signs, central garage facilities and vehicles, and building facilities.  Public Works also provides engineering expertise for public improvement projects and engineering assistance to other departments.

Maria D'Andrea is the Director of Public Works.

   Interactive Maps
     • Alley Maintenance map
     • Crash Data map   (traffic accident "heat map")
     • Pothole Repairs map
     • Snow Plow route map
     Street Cut Moratorium map
     Floodplain Viewer   (Urban Drainage & Flood Control District)
   Engineering / Administration
     • Contact Public Works
     • Divisions and Responsibilities
     • Flood Hazard Information
     • Stormwater Feasibility Study
     • Storm Drainage Criteria Manual
     • Public Works Fee Schedule
   Streets / Right-of-Way
     • Street Closures
     • Street Maintenance
     • Alley Maintenance
     • Pothole Repairs
     • Snow Removal
     • Concrete Utility
     • ROW Permits
     • Project Update
     • Traffic Facts and Safety Issues
     • Traffic Safety Programs
     • FAQ: Streets, Signals, and Parking
     • Truck Routes map (PDF file)
   New Permit Policies effective January 2019 (PDF files)
      • Street Cut Moratorium
      • Moratorium map
      • Underground Utility Location