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Zoning Enforcement

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Englewood's Community Development Department handles issues related to zoning and property improvements, which are regulated by Title 16 of the Englewood Municipal Code. Please call Community Development at 303-762-2342 before beginning any projects on your property.

Zoning Site Plan reviews are required before any development, improvement, or construction requiring a building permit can begin. In addition, a Site Plan review and a permit may be required for the construction or expansion of fences, walls, and accessory structures, (i.e. garages, carports, storage sheds, decks, and commercial signs) in all zoning districts, as well as the construction, re-installation, expansion, alteration, surfacing, or resurfacing of residential driveways (E.M.C. 16-2-9).

Community Development can also assist you with questions on related topics such as home occupations and commercial storage.

Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of zoning violations, as determined by Community Development.

For more information, visit Community Development's web pages.