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Detective Bureau

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3615 South Elati Street
Englewood, CO   80110

The Detective Bureau is staffed by two Detective Sergeants, five General Detectives, four Senior Detectives, one Task Force Sergeant and two Task Force Investigators.  

The Detective Sergeants review all criminal reports in order to determine what type of follow-up investigation needs to be completed. Cases are then assigned to individual detectives based on solvability factors.

Crimes are usually categorized as crimes against persons or crimes against property.  

"Persons" crimes are assaults, domestic violence cases, restraining order violations, robberies, sexual assaults, and any crime that involves weapons or physical injury.  

"Property" crimes are auto thefts, burglaries, forgeries, frauds, thefts, computer crime, pawn shop violations, etc.

If you have questions regarding the status of your case, please contact Sgt. Mike O'Connor at 303-762-2302 or Sgt. Brian Cousineau at 303-762-2463.