Englewood Zip Code clarification

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There is some confusion about which Zip Codes are actually within Englewood's jurisdiction, as the U.S. Postal Service has designated some areas in Sheridan, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Cherry Hills Village, unincorporated Arapahoe County, and unincorporated Douglas County with Englewood mailing addresses, 

The following list indicates Englewood Zip Codes and the areas they actually cover:

Zip Codes

  • 80150 and 80151:  City of Englewood’s Main Post Office and Annex Post Office (i.e. Post Office Boxes)
  • 80110 and 80113:  City of Englewood, City of Sheridan, and City of Cherry Hills Village
  • 80111 and 80112:  Unincorporated Arapahoe County, Unincorporated Douglas County, City of Cherry Hills Village, City of Greenwood Village and City of Centennial

If you have questions regarding licensing, zoning, or building regulations for locations within the Zip Codes listed above, please contact the appropriate jurisdiction(s) listed below: 

  • City of Englewood: 303-762-2300
  • City of Sheridan: 303-762-2200
  • City of Cherry Hills Village: 303-789-2541
  • City of Greenwood Village: 303-773-0252
  • City of Centennial: 303-734-4567
  • Arapahoe County: 303-795-4400
  • Douglas County: 303-660-7400

For those of you collecting sales tax on behalf of the City of Englewood, please collect sales tax for the addresses with the 80110 and 80113 (excluding City of Sheridan and City of Cherry Hills Village), 80150, and 80151 Zip Codes. To assist you in determining whether the address is located within the City of Englewood, check our Street Guide or the Colorado Sales and Use Tax (outside link).

Please call the City of Englewood Revenue Division at 303-762-2422 if you have any additional questions regarding sales tax collections.