Budgeting for Community Goals

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In 2015, the City of Englewood partnered with the Center for Priority Based Budgeting to implement a new budgeting philosophy based on community goals. The new philosophy helps the City budget for for those priorities and provides flexibility to meet the changing needs fo the community. 

The priorities-based budgeting approach will help us develop a strategic budget that reflects our community values and ensures that residents continue to receive a high level of city services. 

Englewood's Priority Based Budgeting results were identified by reviewing the 2014 Citizen Survey, the Comprehensive Plan, and the City's Mission, Vision, and Values statements. City Council and staff went through an exercise to define the following eight results.

Download Community Goals Document (PDF file)

Community Goals and Definitions

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Attractive, Engaged, Inclusive, and Welcoming Community with Desirable, Livable Neighborhoods

  • Encourages well-designed, well-planned sufficiently regulated, and future-focused neighborhood development and revitalization that upholds community standards
  • Facilitates a culture that is transparent, innovative, accessible and responsive to the needs of its residents, businesses and visitors
  • Ensures availability of a variety of quality housing options to accommodate the diverse needs of community
  • Instills a sense of community pride by proactively encouraging communication, engagement, involvement, outreach, participation and volunteerism
  • Offers and supports a diverse and affordable variety of activities, events and programs that provide "things to do" for residents and visitors alike
  • Provides a safe, accessible and well-maintained parks, trails, green spaces and public areas
  • Sustains a safe, clean and visually appealing community with well-kept properties, well-maintained and connected transportation infrastructure and access to quality utility services
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Effective Mobility and Reliable Infrastructure

  • Collaboratively plans and funds for the development, improvement and enhancement of sustainable infrastructure systems that meet the growth needs of the community
  • Constructs and proactively maintains a reliable utility infrastructure that delivers safe, clean water, controls storm water drainage and effectively manages sewage treatment
  • Designs, builds and continually invests in a well-planned transportation infrastructure network that is safe, reliable and well-maintained
  • Offers and maintains safe, accessible and connected mobility alternatives for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Partners to ensure local and regional access to reliable, affordable and convenient public transportation options
  • Provides a safe, multi-modal transportation system that eases congestion, improves traffic flow and enhances mobility
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Orderly Well-Managed Growth and Development

  • Attracts, encourages and supports a balanced mix of sustainable new business development and existing business expansion that serves the diverse needs of residents and visitors
  • Builds and maintains a well-planned infrastructure network that adequately supports both the existing needs and future growth of the community
  • Develops and consistently follows integrated land-use, zoning and comprehensive plans that encourage well-balanced commercial and residential development, redevelopment and community revitalization that stimulates economic growth
  • Partners with all community stakeholders to encourage input, foster clear communication and develop a sense of shared responsibility for sustainable growth that aligns with community values
  • Plans for, encourages and supports appropriately regulated, sustainable and future-focused development that is consistent with community standards
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Recreational, Cultural, Educational, and Life-Long Learning Opportunities

  • Collaboratively promotes a diverse variety of accessible opportunities that focus on the arts, advance cultural enrichment, stimulate life-learning learning and knowledge enrichment 
  • Ensures access to quality education, technical training information resources, literacy enhancement and life-long learning opportunities for all ages
  • Provides a diverse mix of affordable, safe and convenient recreational and leisure-time venues and programs that meet the interests and needs of a variety of ages and abilities
  • Provides a network of safe, clean and well-maintained parks, trails, green spaces and natural areas for the use and enjoyment of the community
  • Supports and encourages community events and celebrations that foster a sense of community and embraces its cultural diversity
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Safe and Healthy Community

  • Creates an informed, involved and engaged community through public outreach, volunteerism and increased participation
  • Fosters an environment where people feel safe, ensuring a visible, responsive and accessible presence that promptly addresses community concerns and proactively focuses on prevention, intervention and education activities
  • Ensures sufficient regulatory compliance and enforcement to provide a clean, healthy environment and promote community revitalization and redevelopment that improves the appearance and safety of the community
  • Maintains and invests in public infrastructure that ensures safe travel for vehicles and pedestrians, ensures the delivery of safe water and provides reliable and effective sewer and storm water management
  • Offers access to a variety of parks, recreational opportunities and outreach programs that promote a healthy and active community lifestyle
  • Offers protection from harm and wrong-doing, enforces the law and is well prepared, equipped and trained to promptly respond to emergencies and calls for service • Provides for the physical and socio-economic needs of the community, working together to improve the welfare of those in need or at-risk
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Sustainable Natural Environment

  • Engages the community in providing for the renewal of the environment through waste reduction, reuse, recycling and effective waste and refuse disposal
  • Ensures access to a reliable utility infrastructure that delivers safe, clean water, enables effective wastewater treatment and provides effective storm drainage management
  • Preserves, protects and safeguards its parks, trails, open spaces, green spaces and natural areas for the enjoyment of future generations
  • Promotes energy efficiency, energy conservation, alternative energy/fuel solutions and other green initiatives through incentives and community awareness education
  • Provides for a safe, orderly, clean well-cared for and revitalized community that is visually appealing and welcoming
  • Provides for the protection, conservation, efficient use and quality of its natural environment (air, water and natural resources) and river amenities
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Thriving and Vibrant Local Economy

  • Actively attracts, recruits and retains a diverse mix of desirable and sustainable businesses that contribute to the local economy
  • Facilitates and supports business development and growth through appropriate incentives, community partnerships; shared resources and efficient, "business-friendly" processes 
  • Partners to encourage and invest in well planned and designed development and redevelopment that enhances existing commercial corridors and revitalizes underutilized and distressed areas
  • Promotes quality and diverse job creation and expansion, partnering with the community to provide a skilled and educated workforce that meets the needs of community employers
  • Provides safe, efficient and well-maintained transportation and utility infrastructure that enables business efficiency and investment
  • Supports and encourages a diverse balance of affordable dining, shopping, entertainment and business services that meet the needs of residents and attract visitors from the surrounding area
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Good Governance

  • Attracts, develops, equips, retains and values a high-quality workforce dedicated to service excellence
  • Fosters financial sustainability, operational excellence, trust and transparency through accountability, honesty, efficiency, innovation and best practices
  • Protects, manages, optimizes and invests in its human, financial, physical and technology resources
  • Provides assurance of regulatory, policy and safety compliance to minimize an mitigate risk
  • Provides responsive, fair and accessible leadership, facilitates timely and effective two-way communication and utilizes input from all stakeholders
  • Supports decision-making with timely and accurate short-term and long-range analysis that enhances vision and planning