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How to Resolve Your Warrant

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Englewood Municipal Court 
Englewood Civic Center 
1000 Englewood Pkwy • 2nd Floor 
Englewood, CO 80110 
Phone: 303-762-2580 email:

Warrants issued out of our Court are recorded on a statewide system. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, you are subject to arrest in any jurisdiction.

Bench Warrants

You may post bond during regular business hours in 4 ways: in cash, with a cashier’s check, money order or by a licensed bondsman. No personal checks or credit/debit cards are permitted. You will then be given a date to return to Court to answer to the original charges, plus any additional charges for failing to appear as ordered. The payment of the amount of the bond may terminate the matter in some specific cases. Please contact the court at 303-762-2580 to determine the appropriate process regarding your warrant.

If you are arrested on a bench warrant, you will be held until you are able to post bond, or until you can be brought before the Court. Warrants remain active until paid or addressed in Court before a Judge.

Bond Reconsideration Docket

Defendants financially unable to post bond may turn themselves in and appear before the Court on Wednesdays at 11:30AM. Tell the security guard your purpose for appearance and check in at the Violations Bureau. Please bring proof of your financial status and any extenuating documentation for the Judge’s review. The Judge will review your particular circumstances and determine what course of action is appropriate in your case. The Judge may release you on a Personal Recognizant bond, reduce the amount of your bond, or request that you be taken into custody.