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Victim Witness Advocate

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The Victim Witness Advocate is located in the Englewood Civic Center, the same building as the Court and Prosecuting Attorney, and will be meeting with you at your first court appearance. 

Being victimized and going through the court system can be difficult and confusing. The Victim Witness Advocate's primary duty is to ensure that victims are given a voice in all relative matters regarding their case. Services provided by the Advocate can include relaying information about how the court system works, attending court hearings, sharing the current status of your case and providing any necessary follow-up. The Advocate can assess the needs of victims, offer support and make any appropriate community referrals as required. The goal of the Victim Witness Advocate is to help lessen the impact of being a victim and/or witness of crime.

Remember, in order to keep communications clear and up to date, it your responsibility to keep the Victim Witness Advocate informed of any changes in your address and phone number at all times.  

The Victim Witness Advocate can be reached at 303-762-2594.