General information on attending court

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Englewood Municipal Court
Englewood Civic Center
1000 Englewood Pkwy • 2nd Floor
Englewood, CO 80110
Phone: 303-762-2580

Please observe the following guidelines in the Municipal Court:

  • Security Checkpoint  All persons must enter the court area through a security checkpoint. Prohibited items include but are not limited to weapons of any kind including licensed conceal carry, drugs, alcohol, and any animal that is not a registered therapy/companion animal.  
  • Parking  Visitor parking is located in the adjacent parking garage. Handicap parking is most convenient to the court area from the second or upper level.
  • Child Care  We recommend making alternate child care arrangements if at all possible. No childcare is provided on site.
  • Food and beverages  Food and beverages are not allowed in the court area.
  • Cell Phones  Cell phones and pagers MUST be turned off or on "vibrate" only.  No text messaging, "tweeting", etc.  or media recording of any kind is permitted.
  • Dress Code  Shirts, shoes, and appropriate attire are required when appearing in court. The Judge and court staff may require inappropriately dressed individuals to wear court provided cover ups. Hats are to be removed prior to entering the courtroom.
  • Appropriate Court Behavior  All persons are to remain seated and keep quiet while court is in session. Newspapers, magazines, and other materials including any electronics unrelated to court matters may not be read while court is in session.