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Fence Permit and Requirements

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A fence permit is required before a fence may be installed. The permit is reviewed for fence materials, location, and height. In most cases, fences are placed along property lines to delineate property ownership, but fences may also be used to add character, enclose pet areas, and improve security.

Fence permits are submitted to the Building Division and are also reviewed by Community Development and Traffic, to ensure conformance with zoning codes and sight distance triangles.

Before you apply for a fence permit, we recommend that you speak to your neighbors. You might find out that the existing fence was installed and owned by your neighbor. You will also want to clarify the location of the property lines. The best way to determine property lines is with a survey from a professional surveyor. Fences near sidewalks must be set back a minimum of one foot, even if your property line is closer to the sidewalk.

Fence Permit and Requirements

For additional assistance, please call 303-762-2342 or email Community Development.