Rough Inspections

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24-Hour Inspection Line - 303-762-2403

  • Temporary Construction Power:  All temporary electric wiring installations have been completed with GFI receptacles and ground rod in place.
  • Footing Inspection: Excavation is completed, footings are formed and placed, and any reinforcing bar is in place.  Done prior to pouring of concrete.
  • Foundation Inspection: Foundation walls are formed and reinforcing bar is in place.  Done prior to pouring of concrete.
  • Waterproofing of Footing and Foundation: To be done prior to backfilling.
  • Rough-in Plumbing - Underground:  Water pipes, waste pipes and vent pipes are installed under slab.  Done prior to backfilling and/or pouring concrete.

IMPORTANT:  All rough inspections listed below, must be performed and approved before a framing inspection and before any insulation or drywall covers the work.

  • Rough Plumbing - Top-Out:  Above ground plumbing, i.e. water pipes, waste and vent pipes are installed to the fixture outlets.  Done prior to covering and concealing walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Rough Gas - Air Test:  Gas line is installed from meter location to fixture outlets.  Requires a 20 lb. air test for 24 hours.  Done prior to line being covered.
  • Rough Electrical:  All electric boxes, wiring and conduits placed within ceilings and walls have been installed.  Done prior to any covering and together with or prior to Service Inspection.
  • Service or Meter Release:  Service panel is complete and grounds are installed.  This inspection authorizes Xcel Energy to connect permanent power.  It is the contractor's responsibility to protect against contact with energized parts when panel covers have remained off to assist with inspections.
  • Rough Heating and Ventilation:  Heating appliances, vent and ductwork are installed.  Done prior to their being covered.  Includes gas logs and State and EPA-approved wood stoves.  Can be scheduled together with rough electrical.
  • Framing:  All other rough inspections have been completed and approved.  The walls, floors, framing members (fire blocking and bracing), and roof, termed the "skeleton parts" are in place.  The roof is completed to a point at which exterior sheathing is in place, roof is dried-in with felt, and building interior is considered protected.  All pipes, chimneys and vents are complete.  Done prior to siding.
  • Residential Insulation:  All insulation is in place for walls, floors and ceiling.
  • Drywall/Screw:  All nails and/or screws are in place and corner bead is in place.  Done prior to taping wall and ceiling covers.