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Due to recommendations to limit social contact, the Building Division has instituted the following policy, which is subject to immediate change.  We understand this policy will create a hardship, but it is imperative that we limit contact.

Residential inspections of occupied homes will cease indefinitely.  Emergency inspections (i.e. gas leak repairs, electrical service repairs, etc.) will be done, but you will be asked to provide limited contact with the inspector.

Commercial inspections/New build residential projects will continue; however, contractors are asked to vacate the site upon arrival of the inspector.  Please inform your crews that they must honor the inspector's requests to limit contact.  Inspection of the site will immediately end if the request is not honored. 


24-Hour Inspection Line - 303-762-2403

Inspections are the final steps in various phases of your project as it moves toward completion.  Before you begin each new phase, you must have an approval on all required inspections for the portion of the work just completed. An inspection is approved when the City Inspector has dated and initialed it as "accepted" on the back of the Permit Card.

Inspections serve two main purposes:

  1. To assure that the work meets minimum code requirements; and
  2. To verify the actual work is being done as it was shown on the approved plans.

A complete record of approved inspections can provide a feeling of security and can assist in qualifying homeowners for particular insurance coverage and other benefits.

The owner or contractor is responsible for calling for inspections in advance, before 7:30 a.m. on the day of the inspection at 303-762-2403. All requested information must be given in order to complete the inspections:

  1. Permit number
  2. Type of inspection
  3. Job address
  4. Contractor
  5. Daytime telephone number.

A specific time cannot be scheduled due to the nature of the inspector's work. However, morning or afternoon requests are accepted and in most cases can be accommodated. The Permit Card and the Approved Construction Site Plans should be kept at the site or the inspector may not be able to make the inspection.

It is the owner's responsibility to have all animals under control. If dogs or other animals are loose in the yard, the inspection may not be made. Indoor inspections will not be performed if an adult is not present. A reinspection fee of $47 could be charged.

A list of required inspections in sequence is given below with brief descriptions to indicate at what phase of work each inspection is to be made. Depending on a specific project, not all these inspections will be needed, but they can provide a general outline.