License and Certificate Suspension or Revocation

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The City of Englewood holds the right to suspend or revoke a license or certificate of registration whenever it has been found that the holder has committed one or more of the following:

  • Abandoned any contract without legal cause.
  • Diverted funds or property received for performance of a specific contract and applied such funds for any other purpose, or failed to use such funds for the performance of said contract.
  • Fraudulently departed from or disregarded approved plans and/or specifications during the performance of any construction activity.
  • Willfully and/or deliberately disregarded any provision of the Englewood Municipal Code or any provision of any secondary code adopted therein.
  • Misrepresented a material fact in order to obtain a license, certificate, or permit.
  • Used his/her license or certificate of registration to obtain permits for another.
  • Carelessly or negligently failed to provide reasonable safety measures for the protection of workers and the public.
  • Failed or refused to obtain a permit for any work prior to starting a job.