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Stormwater Feasibility Study

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Stormwater Analysis and Alternatives Feasibility Study

Severe flooding in a number of neighborhoods in Englewood during the summer of 2018 has brought into focus the need to analyze flood-prone areas of the City and identify potential solutions to reduce the impact of flooding on private properties.

In September 2018, the City contracted with Calibre Engineering to perform a Stormwater Analysis and Alternatives Feasibility Study, with three objectives:

     1. Complete a Life Safety Assessment of flood-prone properties and identify Flood-proofing Techniques.
   2. Conduct an Oxford Avenue Pipe Conditions Assessment.
   3. Update the 1999 Storm Water Outfall Systems Plan and identify and prioritize capital infrastructure projects.


Calibre has completed the following elements of the study:

   • Performed an inspection of the Oxford Avenue storm sewer pipe.
  • Completed the draft report for Oxford Avenue, including recommendations.
  • Collected information from citizens and property owners in a survey; over 4,300 notices were sent to both property owners and tenants (as determined by County Assessor information).
  • Evaluated survey data from 54 respondents and followed-up with those who wished to discuss further.  A copy of the survey responses is attached.
  • Performed a sidewalk assessment of 701 properties ranking them into Critical, High, Mid, and Low Risk, from both a life risk and property risk perspective.
  • Conducted several meetings with property owners at their homes to learn more about the flooding they experienced not only in July, but in previous years.

A public meeting Open House was held on Thursday, February 21 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for property owners to learn more about possible flood-proofing options for their property.  A meeting summary is attached.

Results of Study

A report, presented in the form of an interactive website, documents this work.  The report presents ways that Englewood residents can protect their homes and properties as well as identify projects that the City can implement to help decrease flood levels in the areas that were included in the study.

To access the on-line, interactive report, please click the following link:

Please note that the report is still being finalized and currently marked as "DRAFT".