Alley Maintenance

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The City maintains 374 alleys throughout the city.  This equates to 42.2 miles.  Of these, 42 alleys are paved and the remainder (332) are unpaved.  Past maintenance actions have included adding road base and re-grading to remove ruts and potholes.  This is typically done once in the spring, and then only as needed.

alley map, paved and unpaved


Due to the number of complaints received this spring about the condition of the alleys, the City is implementing an immediate effort (spring/early summer) to make alleys passable and then a short-term (summer/fall) effort to improve drainage through grading and then apply dust abatement materials.

The City has been divided into five (5) maintenance areas.  Staff has prioritized alleys within the five areas, based on how severe access is affected as well as the number of concerns received.


Alley Maintenance Action Plan

Immediate Efforts

Grade alleys to make them passable to traffic by filling potholes & ruts and applying a 50/50 mix of asphalt millings and Class 6 roadbase.
Spring through Fall 2019*
Areas 1 & 3 — as of August 2019, City staff is still actively working to complete these areas.
  Areas 2 & 4 — work is expected to start in these areas the week of August 19, 2019.
  Area 5 — 
  * Please note that this schedule is subject to weather and availability of materials.


Short-Term Efforts

Grade alleys to improve drainage by performing fine/detailed grading and applying dust-suppressant material.
September 2019 through Winter 2019
Area 2
  Area 4
  Area 1
  Area 3
  Area 5


>>> Click here to see an interactive map of planned & completed alley maintenance.



Status Update:  Alley improvements in Area 2 will be underway in the coming weeks.

The City’s contractor, Colt & Steel Corp., will be trimming trees and bushes, re-grading alleys, and applying a stabilization product to improve drainage, rideability, and durability.  The alley cross-section will be re-graded in a reverse-crown, or “V” shape, in order to retain all surface water and direct it toward the nearest drainage structure.   Trees and bushes will be trimmed within the public right-of-way to establish a minimum of 11’ of cleared alley width.  This work will begin on October 28th (weather permitting) and extend into early December. 

Residents should expect three separate operations to occur on a given alley at different times: one for tree and bush trimming, one for grading and compaction, and one for application of the soil stabilization product.  Most alleys will remain accessible while work is going on, however, alley access will often be restricted to one entrance.  Residents may experience delays in accessing their home or driveway while work is in progress.  Alley closures will be necessary for alleys that only have one access point. 

Notification signs will be posted at alley entrances 1 to 2 days prior to work beginning on a given alley.