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City Council Member, At Large

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Term:  4 Years
Elected:  11/7/2017
Term Expires:  11/15/2021

Council District Map 2019


I am proud and honored to represent Englewood citizens At Large. I am invested in Englewood and have loved playing an active role in this wonderful and vibrant community for the past 12 years.

Local policy advocates and experts cite best practice in observing personal conduct standards for elected official as "maintaining harmonious and productive within relationships with your fellow elected officials, staff, and the public" as a way to increase effectiveness Tanour, T., & Widner, R. (n.d.). Ethics, liability & best practices handbook for elected officials. Denver: CIRSA & CML. I aim to hold myself to a high standard of decorum and honor as I represent you, the people of Englewood. My term in office will be defined by my being 1.) Accountable; 2.) Extremely open and candid; and by 3.) Ensuring all decisions made will positively affect the community.

 Monthly ‘Wink Talk’

Help me represent you by sharing your thoughts and concerns with me. I am always willing to have open and respectful conversations about any of the issues that concern or interest you!

2020 Wink Talk meetings will be held the second Saturday of every month. Wink Talks have been well attended and rich in conversation thus far!

To join my mailing list please send an email to: Please be sure to include your first and last name in the email message.

100 Resilient Cities

Future planning and smart growth involves resiliency planning. Join me in thinking through how Englewood can become a Resilient City capable of sustaining unanticipated catastrophes. 

100 Resilient Cities PDF

A Healthy Englewood
Wondering what you can do today to support a healthy Englewood? Plogging! Take your dog for a walk, just go for a stroll yourself, go for a jog and while doing so, bring a few empty bags and pick up trash you see along the way. It's that easy!  

Learn more about plogging HERE.

Smart Transportation Englewood 

I am committed to ensuring Colorado increases transportation funding, empowering local and regional leaders, and ensuring accountability and transparency. What would you think if Englewood offered an extension to our urban bike trails with increased economic benefits? Safe pedestrian paths throughout the city allow for more exercise, support for the ULI Healthy Corridor project, boost our economy and reduce the need to drive our cars. Read what some other cities are doing HERE and let me know your thoughts.

Water Now, Water Forever

Conserving water doesn't mean using less water; It means wasting less water! Making Englewood a Smart City can be as easy as conserving water at home and at work. Read about some initiatives and future innovation that supports our ability to always have drinking water come what may. I'm currently researching initiatives for our city given 85% of water infrastructure spending occurs at the local level. For now, here are some ideas for you! 

5 Easy Ways to Save Water and Reduce Usage Now

The Little Free Pantry

The Little Free Pantry is a grassroots, crowdsourced solution to immediate and local need. Whether a need for food or a need to give, the Little Free Pantry facilitates neighbors helping neighbors, building community. The Sacred Grace (just behind The Gothic on Acoma) hosts a pantry of toiletries for those in need. Most of us have soaps, shampoos, lotion, and other items from hotel stays. Consider donating them to our homeless community by contacting me for a pickup or by dropping them off at The Sacred Grace 3220 S Acoma St Englewood CO.

Little Free Pantry

The Sacred Grace

Thank you for the opportunity to serve!