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Public alcohol consumption allowed in designated areas

Post Date:06/13/2020

In an effort to combat the economic toll that many restaurants and bars have suffered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, limited public alcohol consumption and food consumption will be temporarily allowed in designated areas. This will enable local businesses serving alcohol to offer a convenient ‘to go’ option for patrons, and offer safe public spaces for patrons to enjoy a meal with an alcoholic beverage.

Alcoholic beverages consumed within the designated public space (Designated Zone) must be purchased from licensed establishments within the Designated Zone, and businesses and patrons must abide by the following restrictions:

• Alcoholic beverages removed from an establishment must be in a container closed with a lid
• The container must bear a label reading: ‘WARNING: Do not open or remove seal while in transit (vehicle)’
• All alcoholic beverages sold by a retailer must be accompanied by a food purchase
• Alcoholic drinks may not be brought into any establishment after they have been purchased
• Alcoholic drinks may not be brought back into the restaurant or bar from which they were purchased after having been removed from the premises
• Alcoholic beverages purchased outside the Designated Zone may not be carried into or consumed within the Designated Zone
• Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in any other City Park, Open Space or outside of the designated zone.

Patrons may enjoy the consumption of an alcoholic beverage purchased within the Designated Zone, as shown on the map below, Sunday through Thursday from noon until 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from noon until 11 p.m.