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Homeless Encampment Mitigation

Post Date:05/20/2019 3:25 PM

Sergeant Chad Read, PSB Sergeant/PIO
Investigator Scot Allen, PIO


Homeless Encampment Mitigation

Englewood, CO - On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, the City of Englewood will participate in a joint effort with other local agencies to remove and mitigate a homeless encampment along the banks of the South Platte River near West Dartmouth Avenue and South Platte River Drive. 

“The growing encampment is creating serious issues with public health and safety,” said Englewood Police Chief John Collins, “For the welfare of the public and of the individuals residing at the camp, it’s simply become a dangerous situation that can’t be ignored.” 

On May 2, Englewood Police responded to a stabbing that involved an altercation between two homeless males. Additionally, patrol officers have encountered trip wires that were installed to discourage people from encroaching near the camps. Hypodermic needles and human waste have been found along the shoreline. This creates a human health and environmental hazard. Unfortunately, runoff can carry these items into the river. The South Platte River Trail, a popular trail for walkers, joggers and cyclists; runs within a few feet of the river bank. 

Signs will be posted and flyers distributed on May 21 declaring the site a public nuisance under Title 15 of the Englewood Municipal Code; and that it has been identified as a flood control and erosion mitigation area by the Urban Drainage and Control District.  

Following removal of the camps, the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District will begin a reseeding campaign to mitigate the damage to the river bank.  

Representatives from Change the Trend, a group whose mission is to mobilize and equip the Englewood, Littleton, and Sheridan communities to constructively engage the issue of homelessness, will be on hand with information to assist displaced individuals with food, medical care, shelters and other resources. Co-responders from AllHealth Network will assist with behavioral health services. 

“We’re committed to working alongside Englewood Police through the entirety of the clean-up effort,” said Change the Trend’s Mike Sandgren. “The network is grateful for the department’s value of partnership with service providers in order to ensure the project is completed both effectively and humanely.”  

The effort to remove the camps is expected to be completed within one week.