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April 2019 Water Main Flushing Program

Post Date:04/09/2019 3:10 PM


The City of Englewood Utilities Department will conduct its annual fire hydrant flushing program starting April 22, 2019. During this week, the water mains throughout the City will be flushed between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

The Water Distribution crews will isolate sections of pipe by shutting off valves to connecting pipes, then opening fire hydrants to full volume to clean residue and sediment from the water mains. The resulting surge of water flushes mineral accumulations from the main. This sediment may be forced into the connecting service lines.
Residents may experience a flow of brown water from their taps during this time. If this occurs, turn on cold water only until the taps are flowing clear.

Crews will be unable to provide prior notification of the daily flushing schedules. Residents are advised to check their cold water on a daily basis during the week of April 22 to determine if their systems have been affected by the flushing.

Please contact the Utilities Department at 303-762-2635 with any questions.