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US 285 Signal Work

Post Date:11/30/2018 11:30 AM

In an effort to make a stretch of US 285 safer, left turns at four intersections will be converted to "protected only".   “Protected only” means drivers can only make a left turn during a green left turn arrow.  Drivers will no longer be able to make a left turn when they get the normal “green ball”.

There have been five fatalities during the past few years in the stretch of US 285 from Santa Fe to Broadway.  The crash rate is also very high – particularly for those making left turns off of US 285.  Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) performed a safety analysis and determined that making some of the left turns “protected only” would significantly reduce the number of severe crashes and make travel much safer.  The following left turns will be converted to protected only:

  • Eastbound 285 at Inca Street
  • Eastbound and Westbound 285 at Galapago Street
  • Eastbound and Westbound 285 at Elati Street
  • Eastbound 285 at Logan Street

The work will be performed one signal at a time.

Reflective plates will be put on the backs of all of the eastbound and westbound 285 signal heads to make them more visible.  This is particularly helpful when driving into the bright sun. To perform this work safely, there will be some temporary, short-term lane closures (1 – 2 hours each) on US 285 to install the new back plates and some new traffic signal heads. We will attempt to do the installs during non-peak traffic hours.  We realize that this will result in short inconveniences, but it will be much shorter than the delays from when a crash occurs.

The work will start the week of December 2 and should be completed by mid-January.  However, only about five of those days in that time frame should be affected by short-term lane closures.

Some signal timing changes will occur that may result in some small additional delays, but the result will be a much safer highway with fewer delays due to crashes. This should also make it safer for pedestrians to cross the side street. This section of road and the traffic signals are owned by CDOT. However, there is an agreement in place with CDOT to have the City of Englewood maintain and improve the signals.

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