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City of Englewood Awarded Grant to Fund Jason Park Playground Replacement

Project completion expected for summer 2019

Post Date:09/10/2018 4:24 PM

Arapahoe County Open Spaces has approved the City of Englewood’s recent standard grant application that would fund a Jason Park playground replacement.  The project includes replacing the outdated playground equipment and surface area, enhancing the play area’s amenities, and redesigning the path and landscape adjacent to the playground.  The majority of the current equipment is over 25 years old.

More specifically, the project components include two playground areas; a play area for 2-5 years of age and a play area for 5-12 years of age. Based on feedback from the community, both areas will include social and solo equipment that promotes climbing, sliding, spinning, balancing and swinging elements.  The pea gravel playground surface will be replaced with engineered wood fiber that meets accessibility guidelines. An area just north of the playground is designated for digging play which includes standard and ADA accessible digging equipment. The playground equipment includes recycle materials (32%) and will adhere to the life span and maintenance requirements defined by the industry.

To increase accessibility, the 5-12 year structure is completely accessible (ADA). A new concrete ADA ramp and path (10 ft. wide; 6 in. depth) from the parking lot will be installed to provide ADA access. In addition, a new concrete path (6 ft. wide; 4 in. depth) around the perimeter of the play area will be constructed to increase accessibility and types of use.

The project will include planting deciduous shade trees (7), ornamental trees (6) and replacing sod (6,057 SF turf grass) to enhance the current landscape and provide future shade as the older trees die back. Maximizing resources and meeting the community’s request to preserve specific playground elements, the project will incorporate several of the outdated playground pieces. These recycled design elements will be re-purposed to provide art as well as functionality, enhancing the entire park. For example, the merry go round will be cut in half, painted, and placed as a screen behind a park bench and the bike racks. These screens will provide some shelter from the wind and enhance the aesthetics of the play area.

Additionally, the old climbing structure will be used as a playground entry trellis feature. As part of this project, playground amenities including three square picnic tables (one will be ADA accessible), three park benches, and one trash receptacle will be installed benefiting all park users. The City of Englewood’s goal is to provide nearby recreation and leisure opportunities within walking distance (one-half mile) of residential areas which will be met by completing this project.

Jason Park, 8.1 acres, includes a pavilion, picnic area, playground, restroom, basketball court, drinking fountain, ball/playing fields, and an off-leash dog area. The park is heavily used by local neighbors, surrounding communities, and Arapahoe County residents for a wide range of uses. Project completion is expect in summer of 2019 with areas of the park set to close soon as the playground replacement project begins.