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Dealing with Storm-Damaged Trees

Post Date:04/19/2018

Many homeowners may have damaged tree branches from the April 17th wind storm.  Attached is information from the Colorado State Forest Service on how to safely deal with those storm-damaged trees.  Contact your waste disposal company to see what they require in the disposal of tree branches.  Remember, most importantly is that you stay safe.  If the job requires more than you can handle,  contact a licensed arborist to do the work. 

Colorado State Forest Service - Dealing with Storm-Damaged Trees

For a complete list of licensed arborists in the City of Englewood click here.  Note that any person/company who does tree removal and trimming within the City of Englewood is required to have a license.  Please be cautious any time you are approached by a tree company who offers to work on your trees.  Before any work is done, it is important that you verify they are licensed and insured.