Broadway Pedestrian Light Fixture Project

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Thank you for voting on the classic-style pedestrian light poles for the 3400 block of S. Broadway.

Results of Classic-Style Light Pole Survey

Background Information:

On April 3rd, we received bids for purchase of LED pedestrian light fixtures for the 3400 Block of South Broadway. We solicited bids for three different  "Historic" light styles based on the feedback of the public:

1. Acorn

2. Lantern

3. Downcasting

Technical Specifications:

With the help of our lighting consultant, each individual lighting unit was evaluated against our technical requirements.  Technical requirements were based on the following:

1. Pole and and Base Style and Quality

2. Fixture Style and Light Projections

3. LED Driver Functionality and Standards

4. Fixture Finishing (Paint)


All unit costs stated for each "Unit" include both luminaire, pole and base. All costs were compared to, and were less than the budgeted amount

Installation of classic-style pedestrian light fixtures will be installed by early summer.